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Wellness with Natalia Wood

Healthcoaching, Wellness Programs and Good for you Products


Trinity Of Programs That Lead To Lasting Results.

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity", according to the World Health Organization.



“Self-care wellness”

This program will lead you to improvements in many areas of life:

  1. what you think about yourself, your life and health (learning self-respect, self-care), your motivation toward health and what does not motivate you.
  2. what you eat and cook,
  3. how you move,
  4. how you rest, sleep,
  5. how you deal with stress.

Individualized approach: you will feel well by doing what is good for your health everyday. Easy to-do, time efficient: at the end you will have a healthy routine that is doable and realistic for your life circumstances. Adaptable: you will know how to change what you can in your health actions according to the circumstances of life (family, work, traveling challenges etc.). You will know how to overcome relapses (falling back to unhealthy lifestyle).

6 weeks, 8 (6 x 1-hour and 2 x 30-minute) consultations with me via Skype/Messenger/WhatsApp, email support. $600. The program with 5 - month support (avoid giving up after the program is over, develop habits and attitude) , $700.

Do-it-yourself: a 1.5 hour consultation plus a wellness plan for 6 weeks.

"With Natalie Wood as my health coach, I hear statements like this: From my 19-year-old grandson, "Mom, you are the healthiest person I know-I mean, for a 70-year-old, you are just never sick!" Natalie starts with basic nutrition, goes on to life habits, and then encourages natural, Bible-based practices and lifestyles which lead to better overall health. She understands change and encourages her clients to learn why certain behaviors, habits, and food choices matter. All-in-all, having Natalie as a health coach has been a wonderfully enriching decision for me. Who wouldn't like to hear, "You're the healthiest person I know!"? Jeanie J.


“Breakthrough Stress”

Discover your healthy ways of dealing with stress effectively.

The way we deal with stress in life effects our wellness. We can eat well, exercise and still do not feel optimally. Stress is connected with digestive problems, skin issues, infertility, sleeplessness, low energy.

  1. Identify your adversities.
  2. Develop new mindset.
  3. Learn and apply techniques effective for you to deal with stressful situations

4 weeks, 4 meetings, 400$.

The program + 5-month support (to avoid giving up after the program is over, develop habits and attitude to live well), $500

"I was working with Natalia 3 years ago and she was helping me to manage my stress level. She provided me the exercise that I still use. Natalia is amazing couch, very personable, genuine and caring. After the sessions with her I felt much more comfortable managing stress on my own since the techniques she provides are very helpful!" Maria P.

"I and my son enjoyed the "Breakthrough stress" 4-week program. It is structured with concrete suggestions to take actions. My son liked to start his day with reading Bible verses, he learnt about importance of breathing and the "90 seconds" emotional wave of a stressful situation. With practice these skills will help him to develop emotional stability." Natalie S.


“Skin Wellness”

The condition of skin reflects what is going inside of the body.

  1. Discover what lays underneath your skin issues.
  2. Build up a healthy routine for your skin: unique for you, doable, changeable.
  3. Know how to overcome challenges of implementing the routine.
  4. Learn to modify to optimize results.

4 weeks, 4 meetings, email support.

FREE with previous program purchases or $400 if purchased separately