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Products for Health

All products that are offered here bring multiple benefits to the body. I used to take many supplements, now I believe that less is better. We really do not know how single substances resonate with our bodies. I choose products that are close to natural and multi-functional. Our bodies are wonderfully made, we need just a few helpful things.


Strong digestion is the key to the robust health. You are not what you eat, but what you digest from the food, which depends on the quantity and variety of your gut bacteria. People in the past did not take probiotic, they grew vegetables in the garden and were in touch with soil every day. The soil is the source of good bacteria for us.

There are many probiotic products on the market. The key factors of a good product according to the World Health Organization are:

- alive bacteria,

- clinical research that proves beneficial effect of the bacteria,

- species that survive harsh environment of the GI tract,

- species that colonize the GI tract.

Restorflora is a spore-based (they can survive in GI tract and colonize), broad-spectrum probiotic clinically shown to maintain healthy gut barrier function.

This probiotic (bacteria) is “many supplements in one”:

-it helps to produce enzymes for digestion,

-it makes different vitamins including K2

-it supports immune function,

-it restores microflora after using antibiotics and helps to overcome candida overgrowth

-it helps to maintain healthy blood glucose level and insulin sensitivity.



Consider taking it with MegaGurd to optimize digestion, to avoid gas, bloating, acid reflux, constipation and problems with H.Pylori.

"JUICE+" provides a variety (30 fruit and vegetables) of high quality (from the ripe produce that has not spent long time of shipping and storage) and easy to absorb nutrients that we are supposed to get from the food on regular basis, but we do not. The following factors convinced me to supplement with and share "Juice+":

- There have been several clinical studies of the products and the good results are documented: stronger immune system, better microcirculation and hudration of skin, decreased biomarkers of inflammation, improved insulin sensitivity, less gum bleeding.

Clinical Nutrition 2017; doi:10.1016/j.clnu.017.08.004

Nutrients 2017, 9 (3), 194; doi:10.3390/nu9030194

British Journal of Nutrition 2013; 110:1685-1695.



- The powder is dried under low temperature and is routinely tested for many impurities: pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, mycotoxins.

-"Juice +" uses ripe produce and works closely with the farmers. The produce does not loose too much of nutrients in transportation/storage time.

-"Juice+" pulverizes (not juices) and uses low temperature to dry. I asked their "product" department about the technology used and the right term is "pulverizing" even though they call it "juice"

-One capsule contains fruit, vegetables, berries, some plant enzymes and some probiotic.

-"Juice+" does not use additives like magnesium stearate and other inactive substances.

Enturia Plates, a Unique Technology for Unique Wellbeing.

Structured water is an organized water, similar to a liquid crystal. It is essential for proper functions of all living organisms. Our cells contain structured water and have mechanisms of making it. Different life style factors deplete the body of structured water and create environment for developing diseases.

Enturia plates are based on amazing technology of structuring water (making it orderly) by different compositions of various crystals. With Enturia plates you can make structured water at home and support your health in many ways. Water structured on different Enturia plates brings particular vibrations (order, information) to the cells and harmonizes the functions of the whole body on different levels: cells, tissues, organs and systems.

Enturia plates will make water highly beneficial for your body and provide a unique individualized correction to existing health problems.




The following information is hard to accept. Please, take time to learn, review the references and you may turn from skepticism to understanding.

Water plays a central role in health. We are 2/3 of water by volume. All that a cell does depends on water. Our cells contain not just water (H2O) but structured/organized water. It is water in its 4th stage, a liquid crystal. The other stages are solid, liquid, gas. Structured molecules are organized in hexagons. Dr. Pollack, University of Washington, calls it EZ water. This water holds and delivers energy in the human body. A healthy body contains more structured water than an unhealthy one. This type of water creates more "order" in the body and provides the environment for optimal functions of cells, tissues, organs and systems.

It also exists naturally in mountain springs, glacier melt. A human body can make more structured water from regular water under sun exposure, when we consume turmeric, fresh coconut water, fresh squeezed vegetable juices, use infra-red saunas, when we walk barefoot on the ground, when we drink water from certain springs, glacier melt. If we do not do these things on daily basis and if other anti-healthy factors are present, we become more and more "dehydrated" even though we may drink the best filtered water.

There are different ways of structuring water:

  • magnetizing it through a process called vortexing
  • exposing it to ultraviolet or infrared light
  • exposing it to natural heat and energy, such as sunlight
  • storing it in gemstone water bottles

A body with a disease needs water of a particular (individual) structure, or certain vibration, for creating order in malfunctioning cells, for proper detoxification and regeneration. Cells of various tissues and organs vibrate at different frequencies. Structured water is a substance that brings healthy, high vibration to cells. One of the best approaches to optimize health is to bring different beneficial frequencies into the cells in order to improve their function.

Water, structured/organized on different Enturia plates, provide a way of structuring water with individual approach for optimizing cell vibration and improving health of the whole body.


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