Movement Creates Changes In Life

Do 5 minutes of movement matter? Have you ever felt stuck; in traffic jam, in relationship, in a line, or in solving a problem? You know that feeling like nothing changes. We always move something. We move our bodies, we move air by inhaling and exhaling, we move our thoughts by focusing on one subject, then another, we move our food from markets to refrigerators, to cookware, plates and to our mouths. Movement causes changes. Some of them we like and some of them we do not like and this is life. Life cannot be without movement. If we want to feel alive, we need to be intentional in creating movement in life and avoiding stuck-ness. Movement can heal us and hurt us. It can improve circulation, mood, digestion and metabolism. It also can be too stressful causing injuries and exhaustion. We all have individual fitness needs. One woman will benefit from running and another woman may not get the same results. Some people run every day for years without any problems, others develop knee injuries. It is important to understand what your fitness needs are and find an appropriate movement that will fit into your life circumstances with harmony. Women’s physiology changes throughout a cycle. What feels enjoyable one week may be like drudgery next week. Learn and know your body like you know your kitchen. It is natural to move our bodies. It is not just exercising. It is about thinking with gladness that we are alive and able to move. Try to take 5 minutes daily and move in the way it feels good: walk, dance, do squats, jump... Find your way to enjoy movement.

The most important is “Breath, brace and smile!” Brace means contracting the core muscles by pulling the navel towards the spine. It protects lower back from injuries. Five (5) minutes of movement will turn into hours of “I feel better” later. The result is good mood and smart thinking throughout the day. Is it a profitable investment of your time? Yes. Is it readily doable? Yes. I do not have to want it, or feel like doing it. I just do it with good music, thanks to Pandora. 1. 50 seconds of jumping jacks, or "side-steps" jacks. 2. 50 seconds of dumbbell rows: bend forward a little bit from your hips, pull your navel towards the spine (brace), bent your knees slightly, pull weights to your chest, squeeze your shoulder blades and slowly lower weights down. The slower you go down the better it is! 3. 50 second of squats with a dumbbell at your chest, stay in this position and extend your arms forward, pull them back. 4.50 seconds of alternative reverse lunge with overheard press. The weight is in the extended hand. 5. Get on the floor and hold a plank for 50 seconds.


Download my 6-day playlist with 5-minute workouts.