Do we need to take probiotic supplements? (5 minutes to read)

Healthy regular elimination was a problem for my body for a long time. I used to take wheat bran every day. When I moved to the United States, I learned about probiotic supplements and started taking them: expensive and inexpensive, helpful and with zero effect.

Please, do not rush to a health food store to buy. Can you take 5 minutes to learn a little bit?

Millions of different microorganisms live in your body. It is important to have a healthy microbiome which is “a community of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses) living in and on the human body”: digestive tract, skin, mouth, nose, vagina.

The bacteria influence your whole health:

  • digestion and assimilation of vitamins and minerals from food,
  • hormonal balance,
  • metabolism and weight,
  • mood and emotional resilience,
  • sleep,
  • energy level,
  • immune system and resilience to infections,
  • health, of skin, teeth and gums ...

Short On Time? Here Is The Summary.

Ultimately you do not need to take probiotic daily

  • if you have proper digestion without chronic issues (bloating, flatulence, constipation or diarrhea),
  • if you have not taken antibiotics and is not dealing with some infections or post-surgery recovery,
  • if you have a good immune system and are rarely sick,
  • if you are not overweight,
  • if you are in a good mood and sleep well,
  • if you have low-stress life,
  • if you eat at least 2 pounds (about 1 kg) of vegetables and fruit daily, and avoid processed foods,
  • if you have probiotic rich foods regularly.
  • if you drink enough of clean water,
  • if you rarely eat at restaurants,
  • if you do not take oral contraceptives.

You do not want to have only good bacteria. You need a whole orchestra of “good” and “bad” microorganisms, well-balanced for optimum health. We all carry pathogens, microorganisms known to cause illnesses. In healthy people they do not cause a disease, they coexist with the body and other microorganisms. It is like in a forest. There should be wolves and hares. If there are too many wolves, other animals will barely survive. If there are too many rabbits, they will eat too much grass in the forest.

It is important to take care about our microbiome in order to live well: in a good weight, in a good mood and with more energy. There are two aspects of it:

  • to minimize everything that harms good gut bacteria,
  • to maximize everything that helps the good gut bacteria to thrive.

It is like taking care of a garden.

  1. Drink clean water without chlorine and other harmful substances. Chlorine kills good gut bacteria. This is the reason why I recommend a good water filter as one of the most important steps towards better health.
  2. Eat raw and some cooked veggies, and fruit every day. They provide fiber to cleanse the gut and help the good bacteria to grow. The fiber in fruit and veggies is a prebiotic.
  3. I daily make smoothies with flax or chia seeds for hormonal balance and gut lining healing. They are rich in fiber and omega-3 fats.
  4. Have different fermented foods every day: sauerkraut, goat milk kefir or yogurt (once a month), and tempeh. They come with beneficial bacteria for the body.
  5. Add spices to your food that prevent overgrowth of harmful organisms: oregano, cumin, garlic, dill, turmeric with black pepper and thyme.
  6. Learn to destress daily. Stress negatively influences the gut microbiome.

Probiotic supplements, meaning “pro-life”, are a concentrated form of microorganisms, beneficial for human body.

Our grandmothers did not take any probiotics and were in better health than most of us today. Centenarians in different parts of the world live well without probiotic supplements. Their food provides probiotics and prebiotics for them.

On your journey to health we may need the supplements as support for periods of time. Ultimately we should live well without taking them daily and support health of our microbiome with lifestyle.

Creating life of wellness is not easy even though the principles are simple. It takes time and effort. As a health coach, I help you to learn and live a healthy life with simplicity and flexibility.

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