What Season Is In Your Smoothie? Summer?

Hello from the Southern California! What is in season for us to eat in summer? Strawberries and mulberries. Do you know that when you eat seasonal fruit and vegetables, you give the best health-boost to your body? People are not meant to eat bananas and pineapple all year around unless they have grown up where these plants produce the fruit all the time. If you are not from Ecuador, think, find and eat seasonal fruit that resonates with your body much better than an exotic one and supports your gut bacteria. Does it mean that you need to stop eating bananas once and forever? Have them, enjoy them and also remember the season. In my native country, Russia, it is currently mulberry season. My husband found a Mulberry bush/tree in California. I recognized it quickly, he did not know the berries, but he wanted to try. It reminded me about hours spent on a Mulberry tree after school on the way home. Now I have mulberries in my smoothie with greens 2 cups, walnuts 2 Tbsp., flax seeds 1 Tbsp., zucchini 1, apple 1. 1 cup of chilled filtered water.

Benefits: fiber, phytonutrients, omega 3, vitamins and minerals.


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