Is It Good Or Bad For You To Skip Breakfast?

Studies showed that people who ate breakfast were healthier that those who did not. But the studies did not pay attention to the quality of breakfast and other factors of health. A study of obese people did not prove that skipping breakfast led to more weight loss. Science does not help us to make a decision about breakfast and be at peace, it gives a choice. How to decide?

Ask yourself: 1. How do you feel in the morning? Hungry or not? Weak? If the answer is "yes", then go ahead and have your breakfast. MAKE IT HEALTHY! My fave is a big smoothie with greens, and fruit, vegetables, some nuts/seeds/avocado. SMOOTHIE RECIPES

If the answer is "No", enjoy your morning without breakfast until you feel hungry and have a HEALTHY BREAKFAST-LUNCH.

But avoid drinking caffeine and snacking. Keep your hormones balanced with herbal tea or plain water! 2. When did you have dinner? Try to move your dinner to earlier time (5-6 pm) and move your body in the morning. I am sure, after that you will feel healthy hunger. Make at least 12 hours without eating food (fasting) between dinner and breakfast. It will help your metabolism to deal with unwanted weight and calories.